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Workshop “Heritage, populations and migrations”

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Sfax University

[Due to Covid-19 crisis, the Workshop initially scheduled for June 2020 has been postponed in February 2021]

The second Sfax forward workshop will take place at Sfax;
precise program is coming soon.

Just as one identifies with one's genetic Heritage, one can also identify with one's material and/or immaterial Heritage inherited from one's original social environment. This socio-cultural identity becomes for the individual a label distinguishing and laying claim to him/her, regardless of the individual's acquired civil and legal status. It is furthermore well recognized that "identity" constitutes an important transversal problem for migrant communities: assuming one's origins and "original identity" is a way of reaffirming one's belonging and "faithfulness" to the community and region of origin, of showing that one hasn't forgotten one's origins, that one isn't a "traitor"; it amounts to redeeming oneself vis-à-vis one's broadly defined family and one's community of origin, and even vis-à-vis the host society whithin the context of immigration. Maintaining this heritage-based identity and label implies the involvement of civil society organizations of Southern Tunisia's diaspora in protecting and promoting the material and immaterial Heritage of their regions and communities of origin.